Simplify your

KEyword Research

with a step by step cheat sheet

Keyword research is the foundation of seo

Let’s work to build a strong foundation for your content so it can grow and reach the people that you have been called to serve.

Level 1: find a Problem to Solve

The Why

If you are not adding value to a conversation, then you are taking away from the conversation  (I say this to my kids often). When you are planning a piece of content you need to ask yourself this very question.

The best way to determine if you content is adding value is to ensure you that are trying to solve a problem.

The How

  1. Do a Google search for your niche/topic then look at the “People Also Ask” section
  2. Search your niche/topic in Quora
  3. Use Answer the Public to find more questions
  4. Search your niche/topic within Facebook groups
  5. Make a list of the questions people are asking

Level 2: Check Your Domain Authority

The Why

Here is the most important thing to understand about Domain Authority: Google does not use DA in it’s algorithm.  Domain authority was created by the SEO company Moz.

Domain Authority is merely a comparative metric that is used to determine if your site is able to compete with the other sites that are ranking for your target keyword.

The How

  1. Understand the purpose of authority metrics like Domain Authority (watch the video explanation from Moz.)
  2. Check your site authority with Moz
  3. Determine keyword research style based on authority score (in the next section)

Level 3: Determine your Keyword Research Method

Level 4: Review the Search Landscape

The Why

Have you noticed that when you do a search in Google, the types of content shown changes from search to search?

Sometimes videos are shown in the top positions.  Sometimes news results are shown. Other times it products, or blog posts or a mix of different types of content.

Google has determined what type of content will best server the person doing the search. If the content you are planning to create does not match with the type of content showing within the search results, your content will not make it to the first page of Google.


The How

  1. Complete a Google search for your target keyword
  2. Review what type of content is showing (posts, videos, local results)
  3. Does the content in the search results match your planned content

Level 5: Consider the Search Intent

The Why

When someone does a search in Google, they have a specific objective in mind. Once they submit their search they have a certain expectation of what content will be showing up. That expectation is that the results shown will allow them to complete whatever objective they had in mind.

This is where search intent comes in. The purpose of researching search intent is to ensure that your content fulfills the needs of the person searching your target keyword phrase.

You can’t always presume that you know the intent of searcher until you have reviewed the results that are ranking on page 1 of Google.

If your the content you create does not meet the needs of the user searching for your keyword term, you will not rank in the top 10 of Google.

The How

  1. Do a search for your target keyword
  2. Review the top 10 results & see how they meet the needs of the user
  3. Use the content from page 1 of Google as a framework for your post